Baby Ultrasound


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Bespoke ultrasound scan of your baby floating in a sea of beautiful blue
– unique hand coated cyanotype print on 300gsm paper.

Available sizes: square of 21 x 21 cm

This bespoke print is made to order.

We are happy to add a caption (up to 3 lines in total) to make the perfect print for you!

After you make your purchase, please provide us with a high quality image of your ultrasound. This is required to create the negative for your one of a kind print.

If you’d like us to add a caption, please let us know when making the purchase, we will be in touch thereafter with a proof of your design before we print the negative & cyanotype print.

Guidelines for providing your ultrasound:
We can utilise a scan or high resolution photograph taken via smartphone or digital camera.

1 – Please ensure you chose the high res setting on your scanner or camera device.

2 – Turn off flash (if photographing) to avoid reflected light on the surface of the ultrasound.

3 – Ensure the ultrasound is as flat as possible to avoid distortion of your scan’s content.

4 – Make sure you capture the entire paper and avoid cropping out any important content.

5 – After taking the picture, please zoom in to check it is in focus.

6 – Email it to us; with your name and order number.

7 – You’re all set!

To ensure we achieve the perfect baby blueprint for you, we will be in touch with feedback, especially if your submitted ultrasound scan or photograph requires any improvement before we proceed to printing your print.

After all we only strive for the best!

Please allow between 1-2 weeks for your bespoke print to be completed.

Polite note:
Clearly personalised orders – such as bespoke prints – are exempt from being returned.


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